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Jessica Gable

"The Adventurjess"

Jessica was born in Alaska and raised on the hillside overlooking Anchorage. She began drawing at an early age and quickly developed a passion for it. Although she was encouraged to pursue an artistic degree, she declined the idea and followed one of her other great passions instead--wildlife.

She received her degree in Biology at the University of Minnesota Duluth and has enjoyed working on numerous wildlife research projects across the lower 48.

Although her wildlife career choice kept her on the move, she continued to draw and the drive to develop her art never waned. 

Jessica eventually found her way back to Alaska and began guiding at a magical place called Redoubt Mountain Lodge. She was strongly encouraged to sell some of her art in the gift shop, as well as paint whatever she wished on the many bare surfaces around the lodge. 

It was from here that Jessica's "Creaturations" began to grow and distribute themselves around the world.


Jessica crouched next to one of her Lodge paintings completed in 2019.

He has been given the name "Bando" by the Lodge Manager's daughter Rylee Richards.

We All Start Somewhere...


Some of Jessica's earlier drawings...

The Wild Life of Wildlife ...

Waterfowl Research

Jessica spent the summers of 2011-2014 conducting waterfowl research in North Central Minnesota. Most of this included catching and banding various waterfowl species.


Jessica placing a band  on a mallard duck. These bands helped provide valuable  hunter harvest  and migration data .

Tracking a ring-neck duck via radio telemetry .

Jessica preparing to band and release a trumpeter swan.

Waterfowl were often captured at night with the assistance of a high-powered spotlight and 8ft long net.
Small Mammal Research

Jessica spent the springs of 2013 and 2014 conducting small mammal research on THE CUTEST desert rats and mice.

THE CUTEST pale kangaroo mouse.


Jessica measuring the ear of a kangaroo rat.

Staying positive and hauling over 50lbs of live traps to study grid sites.


Jessica preparing to release a newly collared deer from a clover trap.


Newborn fawns were also collared with special collars that would expand and fall off as the deer grew.  This provided valuable fawn recruitment data and helped monitor herd  growth and health

Deer were fitted with radio collars to provide crucial information and insight into deer health, behavior, and management.

White-Tailed Deer Research

Jessica has worked on multiple white tail deer research projects throughout the lower 48, including Wisconsin, Missouri, and Delaware.


White-tailed deer gathering under a drop net.


Various measurements were taken on captured deer to provide insight on deer health.

Back to Alaska ...

The Guide Life

Jessica began guiding at Redoubt Mountain Lodge in the summer of 2015. She knew instantly she was home.

Guiding within the beauty of Lake Clark National Park combines all of Jessica's passions into one heck of a dream summer job!


Winter Went to the Dogs...

(ABOVE) Jessica's first time driving her own four dog team. Little did she know she would eventually mush a team of twelve on a 440 mile race!

(BELOW) Jessica is all smiles at the finish of the Kobuk 440.

Jessica spent the winter of 2016 working in Bettles Alaska. It was here she had the opportunity to mush her very own team of sled dogs. It was a magical experience! She decided she wanted to explore the sport further, so in the winter of 2019, she headed to Kotzebue, AK where she worked for a racing kennel. Jessica has completed two sled dog races including the Taaqpak 120 and the Kobuk 440.

Jessica leaving the start of the Kobuk 440.


Photo by: Shady Grove Oliver

Photo by: Shady Grove Oliver

What's Next...?

Aside from a few travels, Jessica has spent the majority of her winter in Anchorage working on a few big art projects!

You can get a glimpse on what Jessica is 

up to on her Instagram:

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